Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jesus, the Faithful One, & Dr. Zamboni~

Christmas is almost here! In just a few days, many of us will pause to celebrate the greatest gift ever to mankind, the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

I say pause, because for many of us, the celebration of Christmas is more about parties; drinking and gift giving, Christmas lights and Christmas programs, and cookies than it is about actually worshiping the birth of the Savior of the World, Jesus, the Christ.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for celebrating Jesus through singing hymns, helping other people in need and going to Christmas programs. But that is NOT what Christmas is really about, is it? Did Jesus come into the world with alot of fanfare? Were they're huge celebrations everywhere? No, our savior came into our world in a most humble and unassuming way. Being born in a lowly stable with a bunch of farm animals.

Seems to me like Jesus is slowly but surely fading away from Christmas. It's not the Holiday Season, it's the Christmas Season, and it's about Jesus and his birth! question is this? Do you actually take the time to fall down on your face before God Almighty, and thank Him for sending Jesus, The Holy One. Our one and only. The one that makes life worth living.

As I've bopped around my kitchen these past few weeks, making Christmas cookies, something profound occurred to me. I haven't felt good enough to do that in 3-4 years! I've been too worn out from MS, to do much of anything for Christmas these past few years. But this year because of renewed energy, since my CCSVI procedure in August, I'm actually up and doing some of the things I love for Christmas this year! And....that is because of Jesus and his faithfulness and His answered prayers on my behalf. Thank you Lord!

And that is because of Dr. Zamboni and his miraculous discovery of Chronic Cerebral Spinal Venous Insuffiency (CCSVI). An angel sent from God to intervene on my behalf and the behalf of thousands of others suffering from the insidious disease, MS, that has stolen so much from us over the years. God listens to prayers, friends, and where there is a need, not a want, He answers them, according to His plan and in His perfect time. Not usually our time, but He is the Sovereign of the Universe and He knows what He's doing. Trust and Obey, that is our job, and leave the rest to Him.

I have to tell you a wonderful Christmas Story. And it's true:

My new friend, Michelle Brown of the CCSVI Alliance, shared with me about about the night she and Dyan Summers another MS'er actually got to have a brief meeting with Dr. Zamboni in New York, a few months ago. They were there on behalf of the Alliance to present him with thank you notes written to him by hundreds of people from all over the country and world, thanking him for changing their lives.

Michelle said it was hard to describe the incredible aura that exuded from this humble man. He was very quiet and gracious. He was visibly touched by this outpouring of love from so many people and told them that it made all his hard work with it.

                                                Dyan Summers, Dr. Zamboni and Michelle Brown of the CCSVI Alliance 

He shared with Michelle and Dyan about how helpless he felt when his beloved wife, Elena, was diagnosed with MS back in 1995. As he watched her health continue to decline, in desperation, he went to a local church in his community of Ferrara, Italy, and prayed. Dr. Zamboni also has a rare neurological disease himself and was concerned for his family and his daughter. What would happen if something happened to him and his wife? Who would take care of their daughter?

There, in the solitude of God's house, he talked to His creator and He prayed. He prayed long and hard, asking God to show him a way to help his family. Soon after, the idea occurred to Dr. Zamboni, a vascular surgeon, to look at MS, always known as a neurological disease, from a vascular point of view. What he found through much research and trial, has turned the MS world on it's head and changed many lives forever. The balloon angioplasty procedure he developed to open up clogged jugular veins in MS patients is changing the face of MS forever.

So, can you see it? Can you see how our Lord is SO faithful, and He did answer that prayer for Dr. Zamboni and for the all of us with MS! If you have this chronic debilitating disease, I'm sure you've had many people and family members praying for you over the years, I certainly know I do.

Well, God answered those prayers through a wonderful man named Dr. Zamboni, a man, just like us, praying and asking for help for his loved ones, from His Creator. I have felt very strongly that this CCSVI procedure is totally a "God-Thing" as I like to call them, and has been an answered prayer for me and my family and for the thousands of families with MS sufferers around the globe. Hearing that story about Dr. Zamboni and his prayers, just confirmed everything I have felt with all my soul these past 10 months.

As so it is. Can you see it plain as day? People prayed and our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World, answered and lives are being changed everyday! God answers prayers! Yippee!

I did get one Christmas card that says it all for me and I want to thank our new friends Stephanie and Kent Dash for sending it.

Jesus, The Faithful One

The Confidence we have, the trust we hold, the hope we carry, rest fully in His faithfulness. Every Promise he had made He purposes to fulfill. He has the authority to accomplish all He has spoken. His power is limitless, his character changeless, His love endless.

May You experience His Faithfulness and love during this holiest Christmas Season and in the coming year!

In closing, you have my very best wishes from our entire family for a  wonderful blessed Christmas and a great 2011. Spread the love and Celebrate Jesus, the true Reason for the Season.

                                           O Jerusalem © Greg Olsen

My verse for today is from Deuteronomy 7:9

"Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands."

My prayer for today:

Dearest Heavenly Father:

Thank you Lord, for sending your son Jesus to be born to a young virgin girl named Mary. Thank you for their faithfulness and obedience to a situation that the world could never understand. Thank our for letting Jesus live amongst us, so we could see Your love through His humanity and Diety.

Thank you for your enduring faithfulness to those who love you and are called according to Your purposes.

In Jesus name I pray,