Friday, September 2, 2011

The lifelong blessings of a Godly Marriage

My husband Steve was here to visit me in North Carolina last week for 5 days. We had a wonderful time, as we always most always do when we're together. It started me thinking about our marriage and the 33 years that I have been blessed enough to call this "cool guy" (as he named himself,) my husband.

                                                Steve and I on our wedding day, May 1978

This guy I married is by far and away my best friend. I fell in love with him pretty quickly and married him in less than two years of knowing him, because I knew with everything in me that he was the man that the Lord had brought my way. I had no doubts whatsoever, and still feel that way today.

It's hard to believe that we've been together for 33 years now. I won't lie to you and tell you that everything has been wine and roses for all those years. We've had many times of discord, even of late, and we've had our issues as most marriage do. It's impossible to live with someone for a lifetime and not have them get on your nerves now and then. Anybody that tells you different is lying to you.

But here's the thing: Steve's always been there for me. He's been faithful. He's been devoted to me and our children. He's a tireless worker. He's given me the happiest times of my life. He's given me my two beautiful sons and he's provided me with everything a girl could ask for during this lifetime. He's stood by me during my illness and waited on me during my darkest days. He's rejoiced and cried with me. He's never complained about being stuck with a sick wife, instead he feels blessed that we haven't had to deal with something worse than multiple sclerosis.

Looking back now, I realize there's something so carefree about everything when your in those younger years. When you're in your twenties and have your whole life ahead of you, you think you have much more important things to do than to worship God. There are so many activities you're involved in. Often, either school, work, parties and friends, or other social events take up most of your time. You convince yourself you just don't have the time for God. You're busy living your lives and making plans. You're busy putting the puzzle of your new life together. Everything is so exciting, you think all you'll ever need is each other. Unfortunately, often God doesn't fit into those younger years of marriage. But He really deserves to, don't you think? I mean, He created you, after all! I wish the Lord could have been part of my life and marriage earlier in life, but hindsight is always 20-20, right?

                                         Jesus paid the price for you! Do you accept Him and His love?

Anyway, the awesome thing about God is that He is always there, but He's a gentleman. He's watching and waiting for us to come home to Him, but it has to be went we're ready for it to happen, because it takes some big changes on our part. It takes the surrender of our own will, to letting Him take over our lives, and many, many times it takes maturity and often even calamities to happen to us before we are ready to do that and let Him in.

It would be bring so much more joy to our lives if we would let Him in sooner rather than later, but for many of us, we wait until something happens in our life and we realize we can't handle it by ourselves, that we turn to God. For my dear husband, it happened when he got fired right after we moved into a new expensive home.

But as terrible as that time was for him, it also brought him to his knees and changed him into the Godly man that he is today. For that I will be eternally grateful! He found Jesus during that trying time, and it changed his whole perspective on how he lived his life and therefore it changed our life as a family too.

I had taken our kids to Church and Sunday school before, but now Steve was joining me and the kids for church. It was wonderful to be able to worship the Lord as a family. I became more and more active in church and he did too. The whole family was feeling more and more comfortable in the House of God, and I have to was a joyous time in my life and I hope it was for the life of my family, as well. We became close friends with the Pastor and his wife because they had a son the same age as our youngest. We joined the church and had our kids baptized. We spent many wonderful days with our church friends and their kids. We went to youth events and church events and had alot of fun~

I began to learn what life was really all about through my faith in the Lord. Steve and I grew as a couple and as parents. Life was moving along great. Then BAM! I got sick, everything changed and the really tough times began. I found out without a doubt that my dear husband really meant it when he said "In Sickness and in Health." MS is not an easy disease to live with and that goes for the entire family. It was tough on all of us, but especially the men in my life.

                                Steve and I in San Francisco, in 1997, just 4 mnths before my dx with MS

Right about the same time, our oldest son entered high school. In the years that followed, my MS progressed and we endured the very turbulent teenage years of both our boys. I acknowledge that my husband and I have had many differences over the years, alot of ups and downs, and even some shouting matches (Even Jesus shouted and got angry in the temple, remember?) about the way certain situations should have been handled with the kids.

I've been wrong about a lot of things, and in many ways I wish I could have a do-over for those years, but life doesn't work that way. I am thankful that my husband has been forgiving of my many misconceptions and my confused mind during those years. I was very sick and unfortunately, it took it's toll on those closest to me: my husband and my boys.
But now, we've made it through to the other side. We clung to each other and to the Lord during those tough times. I was blessed enough to have the CCSVI procedure for my MS in 2010, and that has helped me tremendously. I feel better now than I have in a long, long time. It hasn't always been easy for Steve and I, but we've done it and I know it is because we've both been deeply committed to our marriage, to each other and to those vows we said 33 years ago before before the Lord.    
                                          Steve and I with granddog Buck in our NC home, August 2011  

Almighty God blessed us with this marriage and with these children. Through the many, wonderful (yet sometimes turbulent) years we've had together, we have both remained committed to each other and to our kids -- to our family.

                               Our family after my CCSVI Liberation in North Carolina, September 2010

Our oldest son. Eric (Biff) is getting married this month. My wish for him is that he and his bride have all the happiness in the world. Happiness that is based on mutual respect, love, devotion and faithfulness. I pray that Biff will enter his marriage and take his vows before God very seriously.

Marriage is a wonderful journey between husband and wife that God has designed to be a lifelong commitment. I pray that my son will be half the husband to his new wife that my Steve has been to me. He's got a real role model to live up to and I hope and pray he's up to the task.

Once they are married, if my son and his new bride will both be will be devoted and faithful to each other and to God, He will surely bless them with a wonderful, enduring marriage and years of happiness, like we've had. If they can endure the tough times, (and they will come) I pray they can look back in years to come, like I can now and say, I have been blessed to be married to this person-  Thank you God.

                                          Our son Eric (Biff) and fiance Jessi, September 2010

I will never be able to thank my dear husband enough for being the generous, kind, faithful and
Godly man that he is. He is my rock and he is the biggest and best gift that God ever gave me. I am truly blessed and I will be forever grateful to the Almighty for putting him in my path.

My verse for today is the famous one about marriage from: 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13. It really is true!

My prayer for today:

Dearest Heavenly Father:

Thank you so much Lord for my husband. Thank you for bringing this wonderful man into my life all those years ago. I know he was a gift from you and I will be forever grateful. Thank you for the blessing of my children and being able to bring them up in a Godly home. Thank you for watching over all of us during those turbulent times. I pray that you will be with Biff and Jessi as they get married. Watch over them and bless their years together. Bless them with children and everything you want them to have in this life.

Thank you Lord for who you are. We are so thankful that turn to you with all our concern and all our praises. Great is your faithfulness to all generations who honor Your name.

In Jesus Name I pray,


  1. Hi, This is such a wonderful love story. And the pictures are beautiful. When I got to the one of the cross, I got a bit teary eyed (it always happens).Thank you for sharing your journey' it's really awesome to come to know the Lord!
    p.s. I'm the christian woman that commented on your last post, I think I must have misread your email address. I'm sorry if they got lost.
    God bless!!

  2. My email is So happy to meet another sister in Christ. Thank you for your kind words. God Bless you!


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