Thursday, October 6, 2011

God's faithfulness in the midst of trouble

I posted this on Facebook this morning, but also wanted to add it to my blog so others may see it: Be blessed my friends:

The Lord woke me up early this morning. Buck, my son's loveable German Shepherd, was pawing at my door. Unusual for him,I thought, so I got up to see what was going on. He wanted to go out and ran to the front door. I opened it, and he tore out, barking and obviously chasing after some "critter" that had stirred him. OK Lord, I'm up, now what?

I decided to head outside to catch the early morning sunrise, one of my favorite things to do while up here in the mountains of western North Carolina. As I stood there in the very cool, crisp air, surrounded by the quiet and God's beauty, I opened my devotional and immediately knew why God had come knocking so early this morning. If you take time to slow down and listen, God's voice comes through loud and clear and it hit me like a ton of bricks. My focus turned from my problems and the problems my Mom was facing, to the Lord and His awesome Power.

                                      Sunrise on Rocky Knob Mountain this morning

Surrounded my God's incredible beauty, the awesome sunrise, and beauty of the autumn leaves beginning to turn, I was struck by the faithfulness of God. Every morning and every evening, He paints a new picture in the sky. Every fall, the leaves turn just like clockwork. It never changes, you can count on it- just like you can count on the seasons of the year. They happen as they always should. God is faithful. You can count on Him. He will never let you down. And so it is for everything in your life if you will stop trying to control the situation and let Him have the reigns.

                               The leaves are beginning to change, just like clockwork!

As I read my devotional as the sun came up, it was about things being impossible with man, but totally possible with God. Of course, I immediately thought of my Mom and her current health situation. It's amazing how the Lord will put the right words in front of you to meet you right where you are at that time. He truly is amazing. Here are a few words from the devotional:

"We’ve all experienced times when our backs are to the wall, our problems seems to have no solution, and we don’t know what to do. When that happens, we need to remember that impossible situations are opportunities for the Lord to teach us valuable lessons that we’d never learn any other way."

Boy, isn't that the absolute truth? Our God is so awesome. It is our own human weakness that gets in His way. If we will just trust and obey, the Lord can do unbelievable things for and through those who love Him. 

My Mom has been through a few rough weeks. She's been pretty darn sick.The doctors have said at one point to call in the family because her kidneys were failing and she wasn't going to make it. She was incoherent and seemed to be slipping away from us. But my Mom is a fighter and my Mom is a believer. She is holding on tight and trying to fight her way back to us. I know that Jesus is right there with her and she knows it too. He will never leave or forsake her. It says so in His Word. He is her refuge and her strength, of whom shall she fear? Of whom, shall anyone of us fear? God is in control of every little detail.

I know in my heart that Mom is hanging on with everything she's got and trusting in the Lord for His will to be done, as we all are. Hang in there Mama, we're with you in thought and prayer. Your sitting in Jesus lap right now, as He heals you and comforts you.

                                                  Forever and Ever by Greg Olsen
As I stood outside in the early dawn, I thought about when Mom and Dad came to spend a week with me up here on this mountain a few years ago. It was a wonderful time we had. Early morning coffee's outside, trips into town and rides around the Blue Ridge Parkway. They absolutely loved it here. I will never forget that week they spent with me. It was a real blessing from the Lord. A time of togetherness that I'll never forget. A very fond memory for me to savor.

In closing, let me ask you a question? Do you have a problem in your life that seems to be insurmountable? Please don't give up! Turn to the God of the Universe for your answer. He made you and he knows everything about you. He knows your heart and only He knows every thought in your head. He wants to help. Turn to Him for your answers. He will not disappoint you.

Have a blessed day everyone. Thanks to all for your continued love, prayers and support for my Mom. I know she feels the love, cause I sure do. Here's a great verse to hold onto today:

"Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27

My prayer for today:

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my Mom and her life. Be with her during this difficult time. Help her to feel your loving arms of comfort surround her at every moment. Heal her Lord. Give her doctors and nurses wisdom and compassion as they tend to her. Comfort my brothers and my Dad as they deal with Mom's sickness. We know that YOU are the Great Physician Lord, if it be thy will, heal my Mom and bring her back to complete health. 

In Jesus Name I pray,

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