Sunday, May 31, 2015

Stand up for morality, Stand up for Jesus!

As many of you know, who follow me through this blog, or on facebook, my husband and I recently left our church of 30 years, There were many factors included in that decision, and I won't go details here, but I just wanted to share what's been happening since. God is still working on us!

In lieu of finding a new church to attend right now, we are listening and devoted to watching Pastor John Hagee through our Roku player on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. Modern technology is truly amazing. We can sit in the privacy of our living room with a few friends, and watch Pastor Hagee's message LIVE from Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, TX.  I have to say that he and his worldwide ministry have blessed our family greatly. I may be missing my church friends on Sunday mornings, but I am NOT missing the message of God's Word and the music ministry which is coming through loud a clear every Sunday morning and for that I am eternally grateful. After all, isn't that what we go to church for anyway? To get close to God, to worship him to hear his message through a anointed minister? May God Bless Pastor John Hagee! We can also watch old sermons by going through the archives which are available through, as well. We often take advantage of that too, totally a God-Thing.

We were watching one of those older sermons the other evening, and Pastor Hagee made this statement;

"When was the last time you stood up for morality?" When was the last time you actually publicly took a stand against something you knew was wrong, something you knew was not of God?"

Isaiah 58:1 tells us "Cry aloud; do not hold back; lift up your voice like a trumpet; declare to my people their transgression, to the house of Jacob their sins."

Pastor encouraged every member of his congregation to stand up for what is right, what is good, and what is of God. He warned that too many Americans are just going with society's beat, not wanting to buck the system or the world and it's standards. He encouraged us to be the salt and light of this world. He said, as Christians, we are called to be that. I mean, after all, how are people going to know we are Christians if we agree with everything that the world throws at us? If we do that, we're just like everybody else, right?

Well, not for me--- I never want to be a blind sheep following along with the masses. I've been thinking about that and realized that thankfully, I do stand up for God, everyday through my social media posts. I am standing up against ABORTION, which is against God's Word, and I am also standing up strongly against Gay Marriage.

I thank the Lord that I have the courage to stand up for what is right. I thank God that he gives me the conviction to say what is on my mind. I thank God that Social Media exists and we can participate in the conversation of the world if we want, and I definitely want! We are living in morally corrupt society and it is getting worse everyday. We had to stand up for what is right before it is too late!

Many think social media, aka Facebook is a waste of time. I can tell you, I have learned more from different groups on Facebook that I would have never encountered if I hadn't been online and connected. I learned about CCSVI for my MS through the communities on Facebook. I definitely would have never learned of that through my neurologist or my PCP or any local MS groups. I've hooked in with many Christians groups through Facebook and share their posts with my friends. I've made deep relationships with virtual friends, and have a Facebook prayer group with many ladies I have become quite close too also.

I keep up with what's going on in the world through Facebook, Google and Twitter, and participate if I want to voice my opinion. You can't do that just watching the TV or reading the newspaper. All you can do is grumble if you don't like it, but you really have no voice. Of course you can write a letter to the editor, but even that may not be picked up, you are at the mercy of the editors. On Facebook,Twitter. Instagram, Google and any other social media sites you can voice your opinions loud and clear right then. You can stand up for Jesus in big ways or small ways everyday or every hour of everyday if you want. What's that they say, "If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything.?" So true!

So I ask you today, have you done anything recently to stand up for Jesus, to stand up for what is right in the eyes of God? Have you shared your opinions with your friends in person or over the phone, or over the internet?  If you read the bible, it's pretty clear how the Lord wants us to live. It's us that strays away from him, he never leaves our side! Thank God for that!

I encourage you to stand up for Jesus today! You will never be sorry. He will bestow blessings upon blessings upon you for your obedience.

My verse for today is above in red.

My prayer for today:

Dearest Heavenly Father

Help me Lord! Help me to speak up in boldness for Your Truth and Your Word! Continue to help me me to boldly proclaim what is right and wrong in the eyes of your Word. Thank you Lord that we have the ability to speak up, that we live in a free country and have the freedom to defend what is right. Continue to open my eyes to your truth so I can share it with the world.

Amen and Amen 

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