Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Go Forth in Jesus Name...

Today I've been thinking about how God can plant you, me and anyone and use us right where we are. It doesn't matter what your circumstances, if you have an open and willing heart, He is always able to take that supple heart and use it for His glory. God can use you wherever you are at any time. You don't have to be a pastor, deacon or a lay person, you can just be a believer that loves the Lord with all your heart and soul.

As my disability has increased these past years, it's often been a tough transition to go from total freedom, being able to drive, work and go anywhere you want and do anything you want at any particular time to being confined in a scooter and reliant on other people to take care of many of your basic needs. I can be humbling to say the least. But in that humility can come many blessings if you allow them to shine through. I can remember thoughts of some of God's most humble servants being people those confined to hospital beds and prisons. Having those quiet moments with God is easier when you have to be still and have no choice. Although it can be frustrating, it can also be a tremendous blessing if you allow it to.

I'm a people person as my sweet husband has often reminds me. I do love being around people and sharing the love of Jesus. I enjoy going to church, attending bible studies and even conducting them these last few years. I love going out and having breakfast and lunch with my girlfriends, going to the movies, going to the farmers market, etc, or just out for a ride. I used to love playing scrabble when my sweet friend Michelle would come over to see me. I live a simple life.

Now that I'm on top of a mountain isolated from many people, the simple things are a little more difficult. Since I've become home bound most all the time these days, it's occurred to me that altho I'm inside most of my days, with the advancement of technology, email, Facebook, Twitter and the like, I can spend as much time as I'm capable of, letting God use me in His own perfect way. Thank you Lord for modern technology!

MS is a hard disease to live with. My wonderful husband does a great job of making sure I get out of the house a few times a week, but he's started a new job of late and he's understandably exhausted. He's doing a great job. I admire him so much. He has overwhelming responsibilities taking care of our family. I cannot imagine the load he has on his shoulders. I try to help him whenever I can, but I'm limited and I know he worries about my physical and emotional well-being. What a blessing this man has been to me. Thank you Jesus! He has been by my side every step of the way on this MS journey. And it hasn't been an easy one by any stretch of the imagination. Marriage isn't easy even under normal circumstances, but when you put a debilitating chronic disease like MS in the mix, it kicks up the everything a notch. Many marriages do not survive this disease. I'm blessed that my sweet husband has never wavered, not even for a second. 38+ years and counting!

So, I spend my days helping my husband with whatever I can, dishes, laundry, paperwork and computer work, encouragement and I try to spend my time counting my blessings instead of my troubles, for my blessings far outweigh the troubles at any given time. I post a daily devotional, maintain a online prayer group, and continue to spread the news about CCSVI, the venoplasty procedure that has helped alleviate my worst MS symptoms more than anything else. I read books,my bible, do jigsaw puzzles, play online games with friends. I often think of my sweet dearly departed friend Russell Solice, being a quadriplegic mainly confined to his bed for years. Whenever I feel sorry for myself, I think of the years he spent in his own special prison and how well he handled himself always. He was such an inspiration to so many and I miss him so.

I am blessed to be living up here on this beautiful home in the mountains of North Carolina. God has supplied our needs each day as He always has. I never thought in a million years that I would be living up here full time after owning this vacation home for 10 years. It's a miracle in itself that we were able to keep it with only one income and two homes. It's funny because we've had this home on the market many times, but it never sold. I always wondered why but knew that God had a plan that we didn't understand and trusted Him to reveal it to us. That happened when we made the decision to leave our home in Florida after living there for 23 years and give up our friends and job to take on a new adventure up here in NC. God had this house waiting for us. Although it needed a lot of TLC when we arrived, which my husband took care of the first 6 months, it was there and it was ready to be our sanctuary as we acclimated to our new full time surrounding, closer to our oldest son and his wife and our sweet granddaughter Grace, who turns 2 on Friday. Another blessing of moving to NC!

                           View from our deck in North Carolina. We are surrounded by God's Beauty!

So, I will spend much time during my days "Going Forth in Jesus Name" taking my resources, even if they are limited, to proclaim His Love and Word to a hurting world. I will let Jesus use me to fulfill His Great Commission to go forth unto all the nations, proclaiming the name of the Lord! He has chosen me to do His Work on this earth and I will not waver.  John 15:16 tell us " You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit—fruit that will last—and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you.

I'm in the process of writing a book about my life and my love of Jesus. Admittedly I get confused and frustrated because of my increased cognitive challenges, but I know the Lord will lead me to finish it in His perfect time. Maybe I'll just do a compilation of my blog posts? Just thinking out loud here. God has been putting that thought on my heart of late?? Maybe I will. we'll see what the Lord has planned.

I have much to be thankful for and each day I try to remember the glass is always half full, never half empty and I thank the Lord that I look at life through those lenses.

My verse is above in red. 

My prayer for today:

Thank you Jesus. Thank you for my many blessings. Thank you for my husband, my sons, daughter in law and beautiful granddaughter. Thank you for this beautiful home we live surrounded by your Glory at each turn.

Use me Lord, use me each day to spread your love and Word to the hurting around the world.Help me Lord to be content in my circumstances, whatever they may be.

In Jesus name I pray


  1. Nicki, I strive to be like you and like Jesus Christ. Your blog today is wonderful.

    Love you,

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