Sunday, May 23, 2010

Surrounded by God's beauty

Today was the Sabbath day and I have been abundantly aware today of the beauty surrounding me up here in God's Country as North Carolina is often called. As we set outside this morning, it was so quiet, clear and beautiful. All you could hear were the birds singing. The sun was bright with a slight breeze and cool temperatures. What a way to spend God's Sabbath day, totally encompassed by His creation.

Michelle and I were blessed with a visit from my son and his girlfriend Jessi who live in nearby Asheville. We had a lovely afternoon, filled with great conversation. catching up on our lives and we shared a delicious dinner together. It was great to see them together again after about 8 months. They were particularly happy to spend some time with our little Mollie, our Bichon Frise, who I got as a birthday present, almost 10 years ago. Biff was only 15 when we got her and she was our first dog, so she has a special place in his heart. Mollie loves Jessi and has since the first day she stepped into our house over 3 1/2 years ago. They bonded very quickly. Ever notice how sometimes dogs just gravitate to certain people?I've had a couple of friends that Mollie just loves. Cindy, Jessi and Michelle are at the top of her doggie list :) The bad news today is that Pop is back in the hospital with another kidney infection and pneumonia. I feel so bad for Pop. He has been through so much these past few months.

Being up here in these glorious mountains, I feel especially close to God. The air is clear and cooler, and everywhere you look you see His glory. The view from our deck looking down into the valley is so spectacular and is ever changing with the clouds moving in and out. It is so breathtaking, it's impossible for me not to sense the presence of my Creator in everything I see. But, I think you can see God's beauty everyday and everywhere, if you slow down and pay attention, stop and Be Still.

We all get so caught in the business of life, we forget to stop and thank God for the many simple blessings we have each day. Do you thank the Lord for your many blessings? A happy and healthy spouse and children who look to you for your support and love, and are the first ones to greet you with a loving smile when you come home each night. A warm place to lay your head at the end of a long day. Watching your children in their recitals, or baseball games, or school plays or whatever their interests are. Your doggies that give you much comfort and love. I know that all of these things and everything I have and everyone I love are blessings from the my Father in Heaven.

There are so many things to be grateful for. I feel I am blessed beyond measure and I am so thankful to my Lord for all the people in my life. My loving husband, terrific kids, wonderful friends and family, and being able to spend some time up here in God's Country, for these past weeks.

Are their challenges each day? Yes, I face challenges each day, same as you. Do I have things go wrong? Do I agree with the all the decisions that the people in my life make? No. Do I get frustrated sometimes? Yes, but that is all out of my control and in God's capable Hands. What is in my control is my own happiness and my choice to be happy.

I choose to be happy, in spite of my daily circumstances, in spite of my physical challenges, in spite of things around me that may seemingly be falling apart. I choose to spend my days Praising God and fulfilling His purpose for my life. I choose to spend my limited time on this earth spreading the love of Jesus to everyone I see. I am surrounded by God's beauty up here and I can feel His presence and it has not gone unnoticed. I am thanking Him each day for everything I have, and everything He does for me.

My verse for today is from Psalm 100:4-5

"Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and Praise His Name. For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations.

My prayer for today:

Thank you Heavenly Father, for everything I have. I know it all comes by Your Hand. Lord, I pray for my Dad tonight. Please Lord, Heal and comfort him. Surround him with your loving presence. Let him feel the comfort that only You can bring. Be with my Mom and my brothers and all of my family in Tennessee. This has been such a difficult thing for them to go thru. They are worn out from dealing with all this sickness and the pressure of running back and forth to the hospital and nursing home each day. Be with them Lord, comfort them as they go about their tasks. Thank you for allowing them to be there for my Mom and Dad. I pray for my husband and my son in Florida. They are going through some challenges. Be with them and let them feel your love and peace. Protect everyone I love dear Lord I pray,

In Jesus Name,

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