Wednesday, July 14, 2010

He is the potter, I am the clay :)

Do you ever stop to think how God can use you, right in your little corner of the world? I've been thinking about how each of our lives, each day, touches someone elses.

Many of us have a tremendous amount of exposure to other people each day through our jobs, school, family, friends, church, children or grandchildren. But for some of us, because of illness (like me) or other factors, our worlds are much smaller. But does that mean we can't reach out to someone, even though we can't physically see them? Does that mean that whatever we're going through in our lives, or whatever we're facing, we can't take the time to help someone else in their time of need?

I don't think so, and I don't think God wants us or anyone to go it alone. I think He wants to use us, if we will let him. He wants to be the potter, he just wants us to be a pile of clay :) He wants to mold us, and use us to His glory. But, are we letting him?

I believe through the internet, and specifically Facebook, the world has become a lot more connected, at least it has for me. Maybe it has for you too. I've talked to and connected with people I haven't heard from in years. I've renewed old friendships and made new friends too, pretty much everyday. I have tried, through my many contacts, to let the Lord use me for His glory each day.

That's not always easy, because "I" and my wants always seem to get in the way of Him and His wants.
I sometimes get going so fast and get so excited about something that's happening in my life, that I often don't take the time to take a breath and say....slow down Nick, WWJD? Do you do that sometimes?

I often drive myself crazy - and then I say to the Lord;  please slow me down, please help me to wait, help me to turn everything over to you, and let You mold me and this situation into whatever You want, in Your timing, Lord Jesus, not mine.

My daily prayers, especially these past several months, have centered around healing. Healing in my family and for my family and healing in my body. I believe that God is beginning to answer those prayers, slowly but surely. I believe He has and will continue to answer my prayers.

I believe God Almighty, my Creator, is using me, right here and right now. Are all my prayers answered? No, but I am still praying and still waiting on Him and His perfect timing. The Lord has blessed me with a tremendous amount of patience and I thank Him for that each day. One of His many gifts to me.Thank you Jesus :)

Are you letting God use you in your little corner of the world? I'd love to hear from you, please feel free to post a comment on Facebook, or right on this blog page. Blessings and love dear friends.

My verse for today is from Isaiah 64: 8

"Yet O Lord, You are our Father. We are the clay, You are the potter, we are all the work of Your Hand."

My prayer for today:

Dear Lord Jesus:

You are the Master and I am just a piece of clay formed from the ground. A pile formed from dust and I will return to dust. Use me each day I walk this earth to bring You glory. Help me to reach out in love to everyone I meet and see physically, and everyone I connect with through phone or the internet, because each of them Lord, also belongs to You. Each one of them needs You and Your unending love. Help me to spread Your love each day.

In Jesus Name I pray,

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