Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Mother's Love :)

My oldest son Eric (Biff is his nick name from the day he was conceived) is getting married this coming Saturday up here in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. He's marrying his longtime love, Jessi Petty, a girl he knew briefly as a child because we were friends with her parents before the family moved away from Florida and back up to Michigan, many years ago.

Biff and Jessi reconnected years later on a high school football field in Venice, Florida in 2006 while attending one of our youngest son's senior football games. Jessi's Mom, Lora had moved back to Florida, and Jessi was fresh out of the peace corp, visiting her for a while. She came with her Mom to the game and there was Biff, with a few of his friends. It was love at first sight. They've been together for 5 years now, and on Saturday they are finally going to make it official. Talk about a love story~ They have a great one to tell their kids.
                                         Here are the kids when they knew each other back in "the day"

I guess I'm like all Mom and Dad's as they look on their children's lives as they are getting ready to walk down the isle. I can't believe how fast it's all gone by. I can't believe that my "baby" is getting married. He's not a baby now, he's a handsome, smart and savvy 26 year (almost 27) year old man, but I guess I'll always see him as a little boy. Seems like just yesterday that he was that curly headed, smiley little guy that Steve called "pumpkin pie."

                                                        Steve and I with Biff , spring 1985

Biff was our first. We were married for 6 1/2 years before he was born, and we were thrilled to become parents! I was 29 and Steve was 33 when he was born, so we weren't really young parents, and we were ready and up for the job. We dove in with both feet and never looked back. Those were some of the most wonderful moments of my life and I will never forget them. Biff was such a good baby, so content and happy, never complained or cried. We were blessed to have him as our first. It's was easy to cut our parenting skills with Biff, cause he was just the happiest little guys in the world.

                                                         My Mom with Biff and Jordy in 1989

                                                 Biff when he was 6 years old, what a smile that kid had!

                                          Steve with his sons at Grandma and Grandpa's June 1996

Our youngest son Jordy was born in 1989 when Biff was 4 1/2. Biff was and still is a good big brother to him. I remember when Jordy was born. Biff was frustrated that he couldn't throw the ball with him when he was laying in the bassinet. It was cute. He said "Mom, when he is gonna do something, other than lay there and cry?" I told him "Hang in there Biffy, he'll be growing up soon enough."

                                                 Biff and I when he was a freshman in high school

As anyone with children knows, once they get in school, the years just fly by. We spent many of our days at the soccer field, baseball field, basketball court and eventually football field, but then there were the birthday parties, pool parties, church outings, Christmases, family vacations in Michigan, North Carolina and even one in NYC, and other happy occasions with family and friends. All the usual things you do with your family growing up.

                                               Biff and brother Jordy with Buck at the MS Walk 2008

And grown up, both of my boys are now. Biff is now 26 and his little brother is 22. Jordy is standing up with his brother at his wedding along with his best friend Said Lissone that he met at school when he was 5. Said is graciously flying over to the states for the wedding. He lives in the Netherlands! He and his parents will be joining us for the celebration. I'm so excited to see them all!

Where does the time go? I'm reminded of my Dad's saying that this life is a 'walk around the block.' I could never understand that when I was younger, but now that I'm approaching my son's wedding day, I totally understand what Dad meant. We are here on this earth for a very short time. It's important to enjoy the people and things that make you happy. I believe my son has found his happiness and I feel blessed by that.
Welcome to our family Jessi! I've never had a daughter, but now, by the grace of God, looks like I will!

Well, I've been accused of getting long-winded and Biff is probably embarrassed by this blog, but I just had to tell him how very much I love him and how very proud I am of the man that he has become. I wish both he and Jessi all the happiness in the world as they begin life's journey together.

I pray that they will be devoted, caring and patient towards each other, and when the tough times come (and they will if they live together long enough) I pray they will remember the sacred vows they are taking this Saturday, and try with everything in them to work out any problems they run into to. Marriage is sacred, and ordained by God and meant to last a lifetime. I pray that the Lord will bless these two with many, many joyful years together, filled with lots of happy memories, as many children as they want, and all the pleasures and prosperity that this life has to offer.

                                                  Biff and Jessi - don't they make a nice couple?

Come on Saturday, I am totally ready to take on the "Mother in law" role! Only happy, blessed thoughts as we all get ready for your big day! Lots of family and friends will be in attendance, and those who can't come, will be there with you in thought and prayer. Congrats kids, our family loves you very much.

Son, this song is for you - thanks for 26 great years! I've absolutely LOVED being your Mom~

My prayer for today is from Genesis 2:24

"For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother, and be united with his wife, and the two shall become one flesh."

My prayer for today:

Dear Heavenly Father:

Thank you Lord for Biff and Jessi. Thank you that they discovered each other again after so many years. Please bless their marriage with years of happiness and love. Be with them on their life journey, protecting them and guiding them through this life.

I ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ my savior,
Amen and Amen

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