Friday, September 21, 2012

Time marches on~

A few weeks ago, my nephew Matt and his wife Abby welcomed their second son, Asher Lincoln Beagle, into the world. As I was gazing at the beautiful pictures being sent through the internet, I was thinking about the circle of life and the change of generations and how quickly our existence goes by.

Seems like my husband and I were just welcoming our second son into the world, but that was over 23 years ago now, and now it's my nephew whose adding to our family. This will be the 4th grandchild for my older brother Mike and his wife Linda. Wow - are they blessed!

                              Asher Lincoln Beagle - born 9/2/12, 6 lb. 14 oz. 19 3/4" long

                                      Here's the 3 other great grandchildren of the next generation
                                                      left to right - Ava, Blake and Mason

This is going to be the first great grandchild my parents won't be able to meet, cause Mom and Dad have both gone home to heaven now. The torch has officially been passed to the next generation of Beagles. There's a hole in my heart, knowing that Mom and Dad won't get to meet little Asher, but they were very blessed to have met their 3 other great grandchildren and spend time with them. They both loved to snuggle up and cuddle them, love them and brag on them, like any grandparent does. But I guess when you're holding your great grandchild, it must be especially poignant and it was for them also.

                           My Dad with Blake when he was little, he just adored that little guy

Great -Grandma Sue with Blake

                                  Grandma and Grandpa Beagle with granddaughter Stephanie

                                              Christmas 2007 in Tennessee with the family

Life goes on. The next generation is being born and will pass on the traditions and lore of our family. My Dad had so many wonderful sayings and "isms" that only Pop would say. My brother Mike has written down alot of the sayings my Dad coined and has passed those on to his son Matt, in the hopes of keeping my Dad alive in the memories of his kids, grand kids and great grandchildren. It's a great idea, but we know that nobody could say those things like my Dad. We will always remember the fun way that he would deliver them. He would say them and then get this little grin on his face and chuckle until you said something. I can still see him now. I miss my Daddy every day.

My sweet Mom and her penchant for jewelry, clothes and fingernails has skipped a generation I think, but will continue on with me (just a little bit) and my niece Stephanie. To my Mom's lifelong frustration, I was always more of a tomboy when I was growing up and even into adulthood. I remember clearly when my husband had my diamond ring re mounted for our 15th anniversary into an updated gorgeous setting. I wore it for the first time down to my folks house in my casual jeans and a top and I thought my Mom was gonna pass out. "Nicki, you do not wear a diamond like that with a pair of blue jeans!" she told me. I said "Ma, this is what I wear on the weekends, I look fine, it's ok." She never understood, but that was my Mama. She was always striving to be the belle of the ball, and most of the time, she achieved her mission.

My Mom got a big kick out of little Stephanie, her only granddaughter, when she was growing up because she was definitely a "little Sue," - she was always into my Mom's jewelry and makeup to my Mom's delight. When Mom and Dad moved to Tennessee to be near their youngest grandchildren, that was a great decision for them and for my youngest brother Rob and his wife and kids. Being there, living right next door to them and having the interaction with that young family while they were growing up was such a blessing for Mom and Dad. Little Michael, his youngest grandchild was always hanging out with Papa, my Dad. The kids could just take the sidewalk right over to their house and would usually come their first thing in the morning, often in their pajamas. After my Mom passed away in December 2011, Michael went over and spent the night with Papa to keep him company. I thought that was so sweet and a testament to their great relationship.

Though Mom and Dad are now gone, their legacy now lives on in each of us; our children, grandchildren and even their great grandchildren. You'll see it in the way we think, our values, our smiles, a certain smirk, a laugh, a posture or way someone holds turns their head just the same way that Grandma or Grandpa used to do. "Time marches on" as my Dad used to say. The generations change and shift, the older generation leaves us and the new one emerges. But in everything, the Beagle legacy will live on and all of us will make sure of that, I know for sure.

For me, I pledge to make sure that my Dad tremendous faith in God lives on in me. That was the most endearing thing about my relationship with my Dad, I will always remember him for his love of the Lord. I love Jesus with all my heart. He is my everything, every day, all day. I got that from my Dad. He planted that seed of faith in me years ago, and watched as it blossomed and grew into a my deep relationship with the Lord.

For Mom, her legacy was her sweet smile and generally great attitude about life. That helps me get through the increasingly difficult days in my own life. She never complained about being in a nursing home but I know she had a miserable existence those last few years. I cried when I went in there and saw how she had to spend those days. She was blessed to have my brothers so close and they rest of the family. Everyone visited her alot, but she was still in there by herself. When Dad was still up and able, he went in there to see her every single day, God rest his soul.

Mom had a stiff upper lip and rarely complained, although I know that in the later days of her life she was in pain most days. She was still always glad to hear from you or see you. She was a sweetheart in so many ways. You can never go back in life, but I sure wish I had more time with my Mom. Isn't that the way it always is? Time marches on as Dad always said. We can't go back, we can only go forward.

I'm so thankful that God Bless me with such wonderful parents. I've been reading through some of the items left by my parents and found that my Grandmother Ada, who died when I was 14 was a very spiritual lady, which I knew little about. I have her Bible with her notes in it and found that many of the same Bible verses that I love so much were also her favorites. It made me think about the wonderful verse from Psalm 100:5 "For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.' 

Indeed the Lord has been good to our family and I pray that as time continues to march on that He will continue to shower His blessings on all of this next Beagle family generation and their descendents for years to come. What will the legacies of this new generation of Beagle men and women be? That is something that only the good Lord knows, but I pray that His mighty Hand will guide them all on their way and that they will have the good sense to lean on Him throughout their lives. As long as they have the Creator of the Universe on their side, they can't go wrong!

My verse for today is above in red.

My prayer for today:

Lord, thank you for my parents. Thank you for their legacy and the many lessons they instilled in us over the years. I pray for this new generation of young Beagle men and women that are growing up. I pray you will bless them, watch over them, give them wisdom, strength and courage to face this increasingly difficult word we live in. Be by their side each and every day.

I pray this in Jesus Name,

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