Saturday, April 24, 2010


It's a beautiful Saturday today! The sun is shining bright and I was up and out the door at 8 am with my little Mollie, going for our morning walk. I wanted to get out before it was too hot, because as soon as the sun is up in the sky, look out...down here in FL in doesn't take long to heat up.

I started this blog this morning, fully intending to get back to it. I'm tired and I have a terrible headache now, please Lord help me get thru this - I think I've done too much for a "day after" the shot, sometimes I do that - the day starts out great and I want to do too much.... I could kick myself sometimes- Oh well... the day started out so great too, but now I am exhausted and can't think too well.

Pls. pray for me, blog friends. Having a hard time reading too, probably having some optic stuff going on, it started a bit yesterday - thought it was the interferon, and is alittle worse today - gotta keep an eye on this....anyway, I can't post a bible verse cause I can't see one right now think I need one of those large print bibles :(

Would somebody kindly find a good one and send it to me? God Bless you friends..


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